your advantage as a customer

Shapetool provides you with the price advantage of the Chinese mould making industry without the disadvantage resulting from different concepts of quality. Since your contact and contractual partner is German, you don't take any risk ordering high-quality moulds from China.


clear price advantage

We deliver high-quality tool moulds made in China thus providing you with a price advantage, An injection mould tool made in China is an average of about 36% cheaper than a German one which is subject to the same quality requirement. Each tool is fully tariffed and delivered carriage free.

profound expertise

You benefit from many years of mould making experience and know-how acquired in China. Our English-speaking experts coordinate all quality requirements with you. The acceptance of your injection mould tool taking place on the ground in China is regularly supervised by a German tool maker.

no communicative barriers

You are accompanied by us in English language all the way from making your inquiry for a tool to its delivery. We carry on the specialist talk with the foreign-language supplier for you. You do not have to pay any travel cost for your employees, since conversations are conducted at your company on the ground or online.

German contractual partner

Doing business with us, you have a German contractual partner and more reasonable payment terms compared to directly dealing with Chinese partners. If, for once, there is unexpected reason to complain, we, being guided by the German concept of quality, find solutions which are satisfying accordingly.
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