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How does placing orders proceed?

Here are how the project proceeds.

  • 1.sending an inquiry giving 3D data and requirements

    Send us your inquiry via e-mail. If you have large data sets, we can send you an upload link to make sure you can load your data on our FTP-server. You don't have to register.
    Alternatively, you can also go to www.wetransfer.com .
  • 2.offer and order

    We send you an offer along with an optional timeline within 3 working days. We talk over the offer together with you. If you too think our offer is great, we would be happy if you placed an order with us.
  • 3.mould design

    We design your mould and jointly go through the data. We implement extras according to your wishes. After the design has been approved, production can start.
  • 4.mould making

    The injection moulding tool is made in China. We supervise schedule and quality. You receive status reports with images enclosed on a regular basis.
  • 5.mould inspection

    When it comes to inspecting moulds, we are regularly on the ground talking over the optimizations. You receive measured sample parts for release as well as a comprehensive documentation/report
  • 6.release and shipment

    The mould is shipped. You receive your mould fully tariffed and carriage-free at your address.

Who is the contractual partner when it comes to a tool made in China?

Your contractual partner is always the Germany based Shapetool GmbH (Ltd.9, no matter whether your tool is made in China, Portugal or other low-wage countries. Our certified tool makers comply with German quality standards.

What is the carriage?

All the transport cost is already part of the offer. Shipment is tariffed and carriage-free at your address. Our offer always contains all transport solutions (ship, train, air). By referring to the price, you can choose the price/delivery period that suits you.

Who takes care of the clearing?

We take care of the clearing. It is already involved in the offer. The order process is comparable with the one customary to a German tool maker.

What language does my contact person speak?

You are accompanied by a skilled expert speaking German. If requested, we also speak English or Chinese fluently.

What are the delivery periods?

From China to Germany we have scheduled the following delivery periods:

14 days delivery period by air
20 days delivery period by train
30 days delivery period by ship

Do we receive status reports documenting progress?

You receive status reports with images enclosed to check how your project proceeds every two weeks. The timeline is constantly updated based on the current status.

Do we receive breakdown of the cost?

Yes, you receive breakdown of the cost (CBD/QAF/PBD). We take pleasure in filling in your forms.

Can prototypes be made?

We offer you the following prototype solutions:

3D print components
highspeed milled components
aluminum prototype moulds (up to 200 components)
steel prototype moulds (up to 2,000 components)

In what kind of plants inspection takes place?

We produce using plants of 35 tons to 2,800 tons locking force. We can cover all solutions from micro injection moulding to the bumper.

What mould sizes can be delivered?

We make moulds of up to 3,000 mm length weighing up to a maximum of 20 tons.

Can surface textures be applied?

Yes, our partners being engaged in surface texture procedures such as Mold-tech Standex, Reichle, Eschmann are there on the ground in Dongguan and operate using the same plants as in Germany to guarantee quality.

What are the payment terms?

Our payment term is revealed in our offer. Standard payment terms:

35% upon release for production
35% upon first inspection by Shapetool
30% upon delivery

payment terms may be adjusted optionally

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