Your partner for injection moulding tools from China

Shapetool focuses on you being the customer. Being a competent and open-minded partner, we accompany you all the way from the first idea to the successfully completed project based on mould making expertise. Here one of our strongest point is longstanding industry-related experience accompanied by a marked understanding of the cost customary in the industry.

Here perfect component and tool design is the basis for high quality and durable moulds which we make with our partner based in China. Being your German contractual partner, we know the domestic cost pressure and will help you stay competitive in the future too. Here we are the interface between the German concept of quality and the Chinese mould making culture.

Each project is unique, and each order makes us face new challenges. Let us talk about your request face-to-face to understand what we can offer you.

Welcome to Shapetool, your expert on injection moulds made in China.

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